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Gena and Emily Revealed

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Life! Love! Song! A Visit with Gena Branscombe

PhotoPhotoA musical and theatrical celebration of the life and songs of Canadian / American composer Gena Branscombe unfolds before your eyes and will sweep you along to a by-gone era.  Enjoy the marvelous treasure of Gena’s music and be transformed as Ms. Shimeta performs this heart warming show about a woman who 100 years ago balanced family life with a musical career. 

A living room set for tea and awaiting the arrival of an interviewer, Gena recounts her life, marriage, family, music, sorrows and triumphs.  Alone with her thoughts and memories, Gena throws caution to the wind, dances a jig and creates all the characters in one of her children’s songs! Then, the door bell rings…

Kathleen co-authored the dialogue with Evan Pappas, who also directed.  This one-woman show has been performed across the country to critical acclaim.

I Told My Soul to Sing

PhotoTwo performers – an actor, the present day Emily – a singer, the immortal Emily and one soul of a poet from a by-gone era.  Emily Dickinson at age 53 reads from her diaries sharing her life from age nine to twenty four.  Her memories haunt her, glimmering snatches of humor and strength, her expressive poems written from her soul rise and her eternal voice sings, comforts and confronts her. 

Barbara Dana, actor and author, dramatically carves the text for this show from her recent book, “A Voice of Her Own.”  Performing 15 song settings of Emily Dickinson’s poetry, Kathleen Shimeta will premiere four songs composed for her. 

Our beloved national treasure of a poet, Emily Dickinson blossoms to life before your eyes.

Contact and Booking Information for both shows:

Dan Holland
Spessard Management
44 West 96th Street
New York, NY  10025

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Audio CD: "Ah! Love, I Shall Find Thee:
Songs of Gena Branscombe"

Enjoy the enchanting and romantic songs of composer Gena Branscombe on CD with 25 songs sung by mezzo-soprano Kathleen Shimeta in partnership with Martin Hennessy on piano.

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